Weekly Security Report by Janus Global Operations 15 November 2016

This reporting week has seen the UN’s special envoy to Libya Martin Kobler hold a Libyan political dialogue meeting in Malta. The Maltese Foreign Affairs Minister George Vella expressed just how proud he was of his country for hosting this meeting. In a further statement the foreign minister stated that “This makes us proud for two reasons: firstly, because it is testimony to the close friendship that still exists between the Maltese and Libyans and secondly, because you are giving us an opportunity to contribute directly in the search for a solution to your country’s problems,” However, the two-day meeting ended on Friday, with no apparent breakthrough to the current political stalemate. The team decided to continue the meeting in mid-December.

The House of Representatives (HoR) have agreed plans between Zintan and security officials from a number of towns in Jebrel Nafusa area, to establish a United Police Force for the area. The security affairs assistant to the HoR. Mahdi Labad, agreed to move forward with the locally based head of Beida government interior ministry’s specialist Police forces and a number of heads of security in the Jebrel Nafusa areas.

At a press briefing in Tripoli Emurullah Isler, Turkey’s special envoy to Libya said that Turkey would reopen its Embassy in Tripoli. Isler stated that ‘’the Turkish mission to Tripoli will be taking appropriate measures to reopen the Turkish Embassy’’. He further said that ‘’the Turkish Ambassador would likely relocate to Tripoli from Tunisia sometime in November or early December 2016’’. He also added that ‘’We are studying the resumption of Turkish Airlines flights to Libya soon’’.

Pro Government of National Accord (GNA) forces continue to gain ground utilizing artillery and tanks to progress and secure the few remaining Daesh strongholds within the Giza district of Sirte, however they are still coming up against fierce resistance from snipers and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), vehicle borne and suicide bombers. Further unconfirmed reports indicated that pro GNA forces had killed Hassan Alrama, a Daesh Mufti and also a senior official.

The spate of security related incidents within the capital continued this reporting week. Security forces stopped and arrested a truck driver in the Heera area, south of Tripoli after discovering that he was smuggling numerous illegal immigrants. Whilst in Tajoura a commercial bank was rumoured to be opening for business and a guard shot and killed a civilian during the rush to access the bank. Whilst in the Gorji area, unidentified armed men shoot and kill a civilian and steel his car.

Clashes in Zawiya once again erupted in Jamal Abdel Nasser and Omar Mukhtar streets, in the middle of the town. It is believed that the clashes started after the Khadrawi family accused Ibrahim Ahneish, one of the leaders of his clan, of selling three men to the Warshefana Militia, who were later killed. Zawiyas council of elders continue to intervene and are making major efforts to convince the warring militias to find a compromise with the assistance of mediators.

Whilst in Benghazi the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces continued to carry out Airstrikes in the area of Sabri, along with unconfirmed reports that a top opposition commander ‘’As Belgasem Al Shagabi’’ was killed in the airstrike. Armed clashes between LNA forces and militants broke out in the central districts of Sabri, Suq al Hout and the Qanfudah areas.

Colonel Khalifa Hafter’s LNA aircraft are reported to of targeted and bombed houses and farms in the residential area in the Al Fatayeh district of Derna. A source from the Derna Shura council indicated that ‘’Haftar is bombing Al Fatayeh to coerce residents to leave’’. Subsequently this led to local residents taking to the streets to demonstrate against the LNA operations being carried out in the city.


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