NOC Pre-Qual for Ship Brokerage Services

National Oil Corporation (NOC) of Libya invites eligible local and international companies specialized in providing “ship brokerage house services”.

As part of the Pre-Qualification Stage, Participants will be required to submit Pre-Qualification Submissions in accordance with the provisions of this Invitation requirement, in order to demonstrate their compliance with the Pre-Qualification Requirements. Pre-Qualification Submissions will be evaluated by the NOC in accordance with the provisions of this Invitation.

Participants that shall be announced as Eligible Participants pursuant to the NOC evaluation shall be invited to participate in NOC circular list.

The Pre-Qualification Invitation is not an invitation to tender.

Only qualified companies that meet the Prequalifying criteria, which shall be determined by the NOC at its sole discretion, will be included in the circulars list. The NOC reserves its right to reject any and/or all companies at its sole discretion. Such act by the NOC shall be final and shall not be contested or challenged by any participants.

Prequalification Requirements:

Interested companies must satisfy the requirements stated on the Pre-qualification requirement and shall submit the required information.

Brokerage House to have:

1. Company should fill the prequalification form attached

2. Current and ex experience in the field of the needed services

3. Reference client list with reference letters from top 3 clients in the last 3 years.

4. Reference banks and financial institutions.

5. Letter of local Libyan representation or partnership

6. 9002 compliance certificate.

7. Proper Research department.

8. Full market coverage, i.e. to deal with crude oil and petroleum products.

9. International market presence (offices in global locations)

10. Proper IT Department for disaster recovery.

11. Proper P&I (protection and indemnity) coverage.

12. Proper and experienced Operations and Claims dept.

13. Daft proposal defining the scope of work the provider can perform.

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