High Level Meeting on Fuel Smuggling

As part of NOC's campaign to combat smuggling NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla met with Mr. Khayri Salah Diab, Chairman of the National Commission for Libya Elders and Notables and some members of the Commission, on Saturday 22 October 2016.

The meeting discussed the phenomenon of fuel smuggling and how to limit it by coordinating with the municipal councils and civil community organizations as Mr. Chairman reviewed NOC's efforts to provide hydrocarbons to all parts of Libya.

Sanalla stated:

"The role of NOC is to provide the domestic market needs for all oil derivatives on time whether from the internal refineries or by importing them from abroad to cover any shortage, then those oil derivatives are to be delivered to Brega Petroleum Marketing Company which under the law delivers the fuels to distribution companies (Rahela, Sharara Dhahabia, Libyaoil and Toriq Saria) which are affiliated with the Ministry of Economy. Therefore, these parties assume the legal responsibility"

"Hydrocarbon smuggling is an economic crime that is penalized by the law and depletes hundreds of millions of dollars every year of the State's Treasury. NOC throughout the recent years in cooperation with the special committee of monitoring fuel and its derivatives distribution played its legal role in combating hydrocarbons smuggling through providing information, reports, notifications to the executive and legislative authorities as well as the General Prosecutor Office, the Audit Bureau, the Administrative Control Apparatus and the Experts Committee of Libya affiliated with UN Security Council and there is a coordination with the relevant Libyan and foreign Diplomatic missions."

He also pointed out that "employees of NOC, Brega Petroleum Marketing Company and members of the committee of monitoring fuel distribution are the targets of the smugglers and their lives are at stake because of the security chaos that the country witnesses."

On his part, Mr. Khayri Salah Diab, Chairman of the National Commission for Libya Elders and Notablesthe western region branch, asserted that the Commission will exert efforts, communicate and coordinate with the relevant sides in the western region to cooperate with NOC in combating fuel smuggling and to increase the awareness of this subversive phenomenon.

(Source: NOC)

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