Breish hits out at LIA Steering Committee

AbdulMagid Breish (pictured), Chairman of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) in Tripoli, has said:

It is deeply disappointing to hear reports of Ali Mahmoud Hassan Mohammed's illegitimate attempts to speak on behalf of the LIA in Italy. These are further examples of the so-called steering committee creating uncertainty and confusion, and putting Libya’s progress at risk.

“In claiming to speak on behalf of the LIA, Mr Mohamed is pre-judging the outcome of the Administrative Court in Tripoli, which will rule on the legitimacy of the appointment of his steering committee at the end of October 2016.

“The LIA in Tripoli and the LIA in Tobruk are united in saying that the appointment of the so-called steering committee is illegal. This committee does not comply with the founding documents of the LIA and is against the best interests of all Libyans.

“While Mr Mohamed engages in expensive travel and publicity stunts in Italy and Tunisia he is also obstructing the settlement of our legal expenses thus putting at risk our litigation efforts. Through these actions, Mr Mohamed is insulting the efforts of those who worked tirelessly to regain the funds that were taken from the Libyan people."

(Source: LIA Tripoli)

2 Responses to Breish hits out at LIA Steering Committee

  1. Rammah 25th October 2016 at 1:20 pm #

    I wonder who is legitimate in Libya ?

  2. YouMosbah 30th October 2016 at 8:15 am #

    All of you are responsible UN, ALJAZEERA, USA, NAT, France, UK, and 42 countries and world community .. Stop lie and say the truth, Just because of one man who was out of range to you .. You have destroyed Libya and killed thousands of Libyans. Where is your damp democracy ??? Where is your human rights? ... Why have you done all of these crimes to Libya and to her people?
    Where is Libya wealth? You stolen it and took it by force??? Our generations will never forgive you and will fight for their rights till day when it is done and gained back.
    Are you really humans or who you are???
    One way to accept that you have mad a big historical mistake is by saying the truth and apologize to the Libyan people ,,, compensate all Libyans of what you have destroyed and get back all the wealth you stolen and rebuild Libya.... Stop the games made by what so called United nation (it is United America and the big world forces and it is not for us).. Please open new page in history and stop denying your crimes and crazy behaviors... You all destroyed Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen ... and who else?
    Please understand that the world will never see peace unless we all respect human rights and feel we are all responsible for the world generations. Over 50 million people killed in WW1 and WW2 and you still doing the same today... We do not need wars, We do not need killings, We do not need weapons.. . We need education, health, developments, world cooperation and at the end we need peace and real human rights! .... Good Luck

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