Weekly Security Report by Janus Global Operations 6 September 2016

Ahead of the fresh talks to be held in Tunis this week, it was reported that the President of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aquila Salah had sent a letter to the head of the UNSMIL and UN delegate to Libya, Martin Kobler, asking him to only deal with the new thirteen member dialogue committee appointed by him as per decrees (2/3) for this year.

In the continuing battle for the liberation of Sirte, Misratan led forces, loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA) have recaptured nearly all of what had been a ‘’Daesh’’ stronghold in Libya. The GNA media centre reported that the final push had begun and the last Daesh positons were being attacked and recaptured.


US Africa command on Saturday, reported that US drones, helicopters and bombers, had carried out a total of 108 airstrikes against Daesh in Sirte since the campaign began on 01 August. According to pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davies, fewer than 200 Daesh remained, and they are all surrounded by security forces. On Sunday reports came in that Misrata led forces had recaptured 70% of the residential district 3 and 80% of district 1 from Daesh militants. More than 400 fighters loyal to the government have been killed and about 2,500 wounded in total since the offensive against Sirte began almost four months ago.


Positive reports came in after the reopening of the coastal road between the capital and Az Zawiya last week. Zawiya security directorate, Nabil Bozawi confirmed that since the reopening of the road, there had been no security breached incidents recorded. In a press statement, he had said that 5 security checkpoints between Janzour and Zawiya had been set up with over 60 uniformed police personnel.


Over 6,500 migrants were picked up off the coast of Libya in just a 24-hour period, it was reported on Monday. In one of the biggest operations to date Italian coast guards said some 40 coordinated rescue missions had taken place. Vessels from Italy as well as the EU’s border agency Frontex and the NGOs Proactiva Open Arms and Medecins Sans Frontieres were involved.


Only last week, it was reported that people smugglers had sent a record number of migrants to sea, with more than 13,000 people being picked up by rescue boats and the Italian coastguard. A British warship HMS Diamond, a type 45 destroyer will arrive in Libyan waters to join EU flotilla, operation Sophia this week, and will aid in the interception and arrest of people smugglers.


The National Oil Cooperation (NOC) is looking to charter an oil tanker to transport over 80,000 tonnes of crude oil from its major Ras Lanuf terminal which has been shut and blockaded by Petroleum Force Guards since December 2014. This will be the first shipment of oil since the closure. A shipping source has said that the NOC are looking to load between the 18-20 September.


Whilst in Benghazi LNA jets continued to carry out offensive airstrikes on known militant positons within the areas of Qanfudah nad Al Qawarishah. A militant gathering was targeted and a weapons/ammunitions storehouse was reported to have been destroyed.

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