Harouge Tender for Tug Boats

Harouge Oil Operations, a joint operating company on behalf of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) Libya and Suncor Oil (North Africa) GmbH, announces an invitation to participate in tender No.TS-C(08/2016) for companies that have the required legal and valid documents.


I. Location of the work: Ras Lanuf port

II. General Brief Description of the work:
Rent Tug Boats For Ras Lanouf Port with these characteristics

  • Length overall 16.0-18.0m
  • Beam overall 5.-6.0m
  • Draft 2.5m
  • Displacement 95 ton (approx)
  • Depth at side 2.20 – 5.0m
  • Vessel Served Gross tonnage approx to 250000 DWT

To all specialized companies in this field and wish to participate in these tenders who are technically capable to executing this tender, should review attached specification as mentioned above.

Bids are to be submitted by hand to Harouge Oil Operations, El- Magarab Street, Ghanat Al Arif, Tripoli, Libya, and Attention: Secretary of Tender Sub - committee, ground Floor.

*Contractor's quotation shall be returned in the form above mentioned on or before middy of Monday 26/09/2016

Said bids are to be signed, completed in ink and presented in a sealed envelope/package. The envelope/package shall be clearly and conspicuously marked - Quotation for

Rent Tug Boats For Ras Lanouf Port
· Tenderno TSC.(08/2016)

Within the sealed envelope/package there shall be three sealed envelopes:

*Envelope (A) shall contain the technical sections of tender.

*Envelope (B) shall contain the commercial sections of tender without price.

*Envelope (C) shall contain the commercial sections of tender with price.

Writes the name of the project on each envelope –quotation forRent Tug Boats For Ras Lanouf Port

– Tenderno TSC.(08/2016)

Notes: Any company or contractor interested in participating in this tender is responsible for all costs involved.

If you have any questions please contact the sub tender committee via :

FAX no. :00218-21-3330081 EXT. 5993.

E mail to [email protected]

The offer should include copy of legal documents as following :

  • Valid license compatible with the required work.
  • Commercial Registration.
  • Certificate of Registration in chamber of commerce.
  • Payment of tax certificate.
  • Article of association.

(Source: NOC)

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