D&M Won Lobbying Contract for Tobruk Govt

By John Lee.

Montreal-based consultancy firm Dickens & Madson has filed a disclosure with the US Department of Justice listing Libya's Tobruk-based government as a client.

The recently-filed Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) documents state that in late 2015 the company agreed a $6-million deal to act on behalf of the House of Representatives, President Agilah Saleh Issa, Abdulrazek al-Nadhouri, Khalifa Haftar, and Murad A.M. Elshrif.

Services to be provided include media and public relations services, and lobbying the US government. It was also tasked with helping to secure $500 million in security equipment and technical support from the Russian Federation.

Dickens & Madson is owned by Iranian-born Ari Ben Menashe, a former member of Israeli military intelligence. The firm's address is listed c/o Traeger Resources and Logistics, another company controlled by Ben Menashe.

In 2014, Dickens & Madson won a $2-million contract from a company “supervised by Libya’s GNC government in Tripoli”, to lobby the US and other governments to support a Libyan government growing out of the GNC.

(Source: FARA)

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