Tender: Cleaning Services at Mellitah

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company (Oil Division) intends to issue the below tender and wishes to invite for pre-qualification interested, experienced and reputable Companies specialized in providing similar services stated below to submit all requirements for inclusion in the bidders list to be invited to participate in the following tender:

TENDER NO. 819: Provision of General Cleaning Services fortothe company's administrative headquarters in Tripoli

Scope of work :

1- Cleaning all the building's floors, offices, stairs, balconies, passages and elevators.

2- Cleaning the office furniture, the equipment and spraying it by air fragrant (first quality).

3- Cleaning the office furniture.

4- Cleaning the bathrooms, antisepsis by antiseptic (Dettol) and good perfumes, supplying with soap and the required paper towels (first quality).

5- Cleaning the building's glass from inside and outside.

6- Bringing the cups and pure drinking water with high quality daily to all the sites.

7- Accumulating the sweepings in determined sites, getting rid and transfer to determined dumps for that purposes (daily).

8- Response to the assistance in states of emergency such as breaking the pipelines and pouring tanks of water, .. etc

9- Spraying by the insecticides and killing the rodents (4) four times in the year and when required.

10- Keeping the green areas and care the trees in Tajoura Store. Help in handing over works

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