"High Quality" of Libyan Graduates

By John Lee.

The United Kingdom's Ambassador to Libya has written of the high quality of Libyan graduates applying for studies in the UK.

In a blog on the British Foreign Office website, Peter Millett (pictured) says:

"An example is the many young Libyans who were interviewed for post-graduate studies in the United Kingdom this coming academic year. The quality of the candidates was high and selecting the ones who were successful was difficult. I look forward to meeting them before they go.

"This human potential can be matched with the economic wealth of the country. Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa and a relatively small population: the ratio of wealth per head must be one of the highest in the world. This wealth belongs to all Libyans and the revenue that it brings must be used to bring benefits to all parts of the country".

The full blog can be read here.

(Source: UK FCO)

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