Weekly Security Report 5 July 2016

As the Eid holiday closed in this reporting week has seen another set back for the UN backed Government of National Accord (GNA) as four ministers allegedly decided to leave there post, which has revealed deep divisions and discord among both parties that control the government. However, there are conflicting reports as to whether the four ministers had resigned by themselves or they were dismissed by the Presidential Council of the GNA. It has been said that the presidential council dismissed the minsters on the basis that they undertook what it called “estimated resignation” or a "resignation by default" resulting from their being absence from work for more than 30 days and that they did not accept their responsibilities as members of the GNA.


The UN special envoy Martin Kobler met House of Representatives (HoR) President Ageela Saleh, in the Omani capital, Muscat, for yet further talks as to when the parliament might meet and vote on the Government of National Accord and the Libyan Political Agreement. However reports on the meeting showed that there had been No breakthrough in the current political stalemate.


Positive reports came in that officials from the National Oil Corporation (NOC) had agreed on a new system that will see the two administrations in Tripoli and the parallel one in Al Beyda unified, and aimed to resolve disagreements over which of the two has the right to export oil.


The agreement signed by and between both parties, would be inclusive of the principles of the political agreement, signed in Skhirat, Morocco. This would mean that the Tobruk based HoR will be considered as a legislative authority and the UN proposed government an executive authority.


The battle to take control of Sirte continued throughout this last week. It was reported that Misrata led forces had taken control of many neighbourhoods which subsequently caused another big blow to Daesh, which has started to crumble following nearly a month of fierce fighting.


Fighters allied to the Government of National Accord on Sunday encircled Daesh in the Ouagadougou conference centre that Daesh has made as its headquarters. "Ground troops have been working in conjunction with snipers, while artillery and the air force are bombarding the conference centre and the neighbouring district. Latest reports which are still to be confirmed are stating that Daesh control of the city is now confined to a square kilometre.


In the capital Tripoli this week, angry locals blocked roads with burning tyres and rocks in the Hey Andalous neighbourhood in a protest against the lack of cash in the banks. This problem has been ongoing for many months now with All banks throughout the capital having the same problem with daily cash withdrawals limited to as little as LYD 300 per day.


Long power cuts continue to plague the capital which is causing anger and frustration in the hot summer months, as Ramadan comes to a close. Power cuts have been ranging from as little as two hours to as long as eighteen hours.


Whilst in Benghazi the Libyan National Army (LNA) and Air Force continue to carry out ground, air and shelling offensives on known Ansar Al Sharia and Daesh militant positons.


The LNA said that it has now taken complete control of the south Benghazi district of Ganfuda, including the Nowruz beach which was still being used by the militants until a few days ago to ferry in goods and ammunition and take out wounded and fleeing fighters.

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