Weekly Security Report by Janus Global Operations 28 June 2016

This reporting week saw the Government of National Accord (GNA) hold its first cabinet meeting in the capitals Bin Setta naval base. The meeting was presided over by Presidency Council head and the Prime Minister Faiez Serraj. It was reported that discussions in the meeting covered, measures to activate security institutions and to address daily crisis such as the cash crisis, power distribution relief to the displaced population and other issues.


A further meeting was held by the GNA on Saturday, the meeting was devoted to the completion of the government structure. The Council discussed the appointment of deputy ministers and heads of public institutions, regulations governing the work of those bodies, the scope of responsibilities and authorities vested in them and administrations that followed.  They discussed the requirements that must be met to enable these bodies to play their role and provide better services to citizens.


Pro forces of Al Bunyan Al Marsoos allied to the United Nations (UN) backed GNA have made further progress against Daesh by encircling the city of Sirte; however, significant casualties have been suffered in the process.


Since the offensive started over a month ago, ground has been recaptured relatively quickly, with the remaining Daesh fighters surrounded in the middle of the city. However, progress has slowed due to fierce resistance from suicide bombers and snipers. It was reported that a fighter from the Misrata 166 brigade had said ‘’ the only problem we are facing is suicide car bombs. We are taking out their tyres, firing heavy weapons at them and closing roads, the guerrilla warfare is similar to 2011 but these are a different breed of people. They put their hands in the air so you think they’re surrendering and then detonate themselves.”


Heavy clashes broke out early Tuesday in Qaraboulli, 60 kilometres east of the capital, between local fighters and brigades from Misrata, which have been stationed in the town for nearly five years.


Eyewitnesses said the clashes were ignited when one of the brigades’ members assaulted a shopkeeper on Monday afternoon. The shopkeeper responded by killing the attacker. As a result, the victim’s brigade attacked the house of the shopkeeper, who managed to escape, and set it ablaze.


Local fighters from Qaraboulli, fired upon a container containing ammunitions and explosives within the Misrata militia base, causing an explosion that killed most of the fighters inside the base and up to forty civilians. Consequently, violent fighting between the two groups caused the main transit route between Tripoli and Misrata to be closed and travellers were warned not to approach the area.


Whilst in the east, it was reported that Armed forces commander-in-chief Khalifa Hafter flew to Moscow for two days seeking spare parts for warplanes along with fresh weaponry.


Hafter flew on from Cairo at the head of a nine-strong party of senior officers; unconfirmed reports suggest that whilst he was in Cairo, he is believed to have had preliminary discussions with a Russian delegation. There are also unconfirmed reports that House of Representatives (HoR) President Ageela Saleh also travelled to Russia.


The Libyan National Army and Air Force continued carrying out ground and air offensives on known Militant positions within the city and suburbs of Benghazi. It was reported that significant advances had been made on the remaining few strategic locations throughout the reporting week.


For those of you who do not already know, please see below for a brief summary on the Merger / Acquisition between SNE Special Projects, Sterling Global Operations and Janus Security International into a new company called Janus Global Operations (JGO).

SNE Special Projects (SNE) have, as part of our dynamic growth strategy, been in discussions with Janus Security International Ltd (JSI) and Sterling Global Operations Inc (SGO), providers of integrated risk management, munitions response and logistic solutions. The result of these engagements is that the three entities, SNE, JSI and SGO, are now in the process of integrating and re branding under the name of Janus Global Operations (JGO).

These events will enable JGO to offer a fully integrated solutions approach, allowing us to provide a much broader capability and a greater reach in order to meet our client’s needs in austere locations around the world including Libya & Egypt where my main focus will remain.

Our strategy is predicated on maintaining continuity and our high standard of service delivery, as well as ensuring the current leadership team in Libya and Egypt led by myself continues to interface with our clients.

The integration will bring many benefits, for example, greater levels of project and asset capitalization and the operation of a Qualify Management System which conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and ANSI/ASIS PSC-1 standards, as well as HSE certification with OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004.

This plan has resulted in an increase in operations, projects and Janus Global’s ability to provide solutions to our clients across Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Somalia, Uganda, Nigeria, UAE, Mozambique, South Africa, Afghanistan and the USA, with prospective business in many more countries.

From a compliance and commercial perspective all current contracts with SNE will continue to run as normal in our name until the contracts either expire when we will re-engage with you at that point as JGO or we register JGO on your system and transition the contracts across. I will ensure you are kept informed on the progress of the rebranding and any changes of email addresses as and when it happens.

To find out more about our increased capability please review our new web site at http://www.Janusgo.com


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