Kobler's Six-Point Proposal for Progress in Libya

In his address to the United Nations Security Council on Monday, SRSG Martin Kobler outlined his six point proposal for the Libyan people to exit from the current state of chaos that has engulfed their country:

  1. First, that the Libyan Political Agreement, endorsed by the House of Representatives on 25 January, remains the sole legitimate framework for managing the remainder of Libya’s political transition until a permanent constitution is adopted.
  2. Second, that the House of Representatives remains the institution to endorse and swear in the Government of National Accord. However, it must do so.After two unsuccessful attempts in February and April, it is high time that the Speaker assumes his responsibilities to convene a parliamentary session free of intimidation and threat for a vote on the proposed Government of National Accord.I also suggest that the House of Representatives requests the League of Arab States, the African Union, the United Nations and other members of the international community to attend this session as observers.
  3. Third, it is vital that the Presidency Council works in its entirety, with all nine members.I encourage the members who do not attend the meetings to re-join the Presidency Council.
  4. Fourth, the Presidency Council will need to move quickly to meet the basic needs of the Libyan people.Immediate steps are needed to ensure that shortages in cash availability, food and electricity are satisfactorily addressed without further delay.The United Nations and its partners in the international community are ready to assist.
  5. Fifth, that the Presidency Council is the sole legitimate recipient of international security assistance in its capacity as Supreme Commander of a united Libyan army.
  6. Sixth, averting hostilities between different Libyan security actors involved in the fight against Daesh requires an inclusive interim security arrangement, including temporary command and control arrangements for the army.

"There simply can be no half-solutions," he added.

Mr Kobler's full address to the Security Council can be seen here.

(Source: UN)

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