Businessman told to Disclose more Records

A Libyan businessman has been ordered by the British High Court to disclose additional phone and banking records in relation to the case in which the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) is pursuing French bank Societe Generale (SocGen) for some $2.1 billion relating to a series of disputed trades.

According to Reuters, the LIA claims that SocGen paid at least $58.5 million to a Panamanian-registered company called Lenaida, controlled at the time by Libyan businessman Walid Giahmi -- the court is examining connections between Giahmi and Gaddafi's son Saif, and whether these had any bearing on the LIA's decision to make the trades.

At a pre-trial hearing, the court ruled in favour of the LIA's requests for further disclosure by Giahmi to shed light on the nature of the alleged relationship.

The trial is scheduled to start in January.

(Source: Reuters)

(Disclosure image via Shutterstock)

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