Daesh 'Selling Chickens on the Street'

By John Lee.

Middle East Eye reports that the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) is having to sell chickens and eggs in the streets to shore up its finances.

One former resident of the town told the news site:

When IS took over Sirte, they seized many properties, including farms, and some of these are very large chicken farms,”

“Relatives tell me IS people can now be seen standing in the streets in their black outfits with their faces covered, selling both the eggs and the chickens. And they are selling the chickens for a very cheap price of just one or two dinars.

They are also said to be charging business and residents 'rent' for the use of their properties, and forcing shopkeepers to accept the old Gddafi-era currency.

(Source: Middle East Eye)

(Poultry image via Shutterstock)

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