UN Bans Renegade Libyan Oil Tanker

By John Lee.

The UN security council has blacklisted an Indian-flagged tanker for illegally transporting crude oil on behalf of the Tobruk government.

The Distya Ameya was put on the list on Wednesday for carrying oil in violation of a UN resolution prohibiting shipments from rebel-held ports, according to a report from Associated Press.

It left the port of Marsa al-Hariga on Monday carrying 650,000 barrels of oil.

Authorities in any destination country are now obliged to impound the tanker on arrival, and it is now reported to have dropped anchor in international waters after Maltese authorities barred it from entry.

It is thought that the vessel may have been sold recently to an unknown buyer, and the vessel’s name may have changed to Kassos.

(Sources: Associated Press, BBC, FT)

(Smuggling image via Shutterstock)

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