Weekly Security Summary by SNE Special Projects 19 April 2016

This reporting week has seen further developments on the positive steps forward for the future of Libya, however the Government of National Accord (GNA) has still not been granted approval by the House of Representatives.

Martin Kobler, UN Special Envoy to Libya, said he would meet with the Speaker of the parliament in order "to encourage all to follow this way, to endorse the Government of National Accord."

In his first visit since the recent arrival of the GNA and his first visit since 2011, the United Kingdom Foreign Minister Philip Hammond landed on Libyan soil to show his support for the Prime Minister Fayez Serraj and the GNA.

In meetings, the Foreign Secretary discussed the GNA’s priorities on security, rebuilding the economy and restoring public services for the benefit of all Libyans. He also discussed their plans to tackle the threat of Daesh and countering people trafficking.

To name but a few, the following countries have shown their full support for the GNA over the reporting week, Spanish, French, German Tunisian, Italian and Turkish and reports have been received that the Tunisian and Turkish Embassies have opened their doors once again, however it is unknown to what capacity.

The capital has remained relatively quiet since the arrival of the GNA, with only minor criminal and minor disturbances being reported. However in the first outbreak of violence since the arrival of the UN-backed government two weeks ago, Saturday night, and just hours after a visit from the French and German Foreign Ministers gunfire and loud explosion could be heard in the Hey Andalous area north of the capital and continued for thirty minutes.

In the early hours of Sunday morning gunfire and explosions were heard again in the Hey Andalous area and reports confirmed that Haytem Tajouri's Tripoli Revolutionaries' Brigade had attacked the residence of Ahmed Maetig, a member of the presidency council. It was reported that two guards were killed and five personnel kidnapped. It is not believed that Maetig or his family were at the residence during the attack.

Daesh have continued to try and gain a foothold within Libya with Daesh carrying out two suicide attacks one at a checkpoint near As Saddadah, south east of Misrata and a further one being surprise attack on a Misratan training camp located between Misrata and Bani Walid.

The west remains quiet, but with the warm weather and calm seas upon us, the migration crisis within Libya has started to raise its head.

Exactly a year after the deaths of 800 migrants off the Libyan coast prompted the European Union to act against uncontrolled refugee flows in the Mediterranean, fears over a new tide of migrants have galvanised governments to try to bring law and order to the North African state.

An expanded naval mission would be part of the EU's emerging support plan for Libya, which could also work with the U.S.-led NATO alliance to build up a Libyan coastguard capable of stopping traffickers. The bloc says it cannot act until the Libyan government invites it to do so.

Whilst in Benghazi  Hafter continues to gain ground on Ansar Al Sharia fighters and Daesh militants, sporadic fighting and shelling continued in the areas of Suq al Hout, Sabri, Jamal Abdul Nasser, Jalyanah, cement factory  and Hawary.

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