LAP GreenN’s Fall from Grace was Utterly Avoidable

The effect of this acquisition was disastrous for LAP GreenN. Rather than address its underlying problems, the acquisition served simply as a means of transferring the LAP GreenN’s debts and liabilities to a new company.

Worse, it also obscured the identity of those within LAIP and LAP GreenN who might have been responsible for corrupt activities within the organisation, making it more difficult to bring them to justice.

The future for LAP GreenN

It is vitally important to shine a spotlight on the reasons behind LAP GreenN’s downfall, so that important lessons can be learned and those responsible for corrupt activities within the organisation brought to justice.

What is even more important, however, is getting the organisation back on its feet, and recouping the Libyan people’s investment. This will only happen if LAP GreenN heeds the advice of the LIA and signs up to its strategy for a disciplined, well-managed - and prosperous - future.

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