HoR 'Lacks Quorum' for Key Vote - MPs 'Intimidated'

AFP reports that Libya's internationally recognised parliament in Tobruk, the House of Representatives (HoR), has been unable to hold a vote of confidence in the UN-backed unity government because it lacked a quorum.

 MP Mohamed al-Abbani told the news agency:

"The required quorum (89 members of parliament) was not reached, so the president of the chamber adjourned the session."

The vote has reportedly been adjourned until next week.

But Libya Herald quotes an MP as saying that members were intimidated:

"... when about 94 members had signed into the official register, the dissenters removed the register. They then went and surrounded the president and the chaos started’ ... there were over 120 members present but some were unable to register their names’’.

“When the chaos increased, the president of the HoR withdrew and after that the lights were put out forcing everyone to leave.”

(Sources: AFP, Libya Herald)

(Democracy image via Shutterstock)

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