NOC Meeting on Water Treatment

Within NOC Board of Directors’ interest in health, safety and environment of the areas adjacent to oil fields a meeting was held on Monday 15 February 2016. The Chairman of the NOC's Board of Directors, Mr. Mustafa Sanalla, and the Member of the Board of Directors, the General Manager of Exploration and Production Department Mr. Abulgasem Shengheer, recently attended a meeting looking at alternatives to water injection at oilfields in Murzoq, Ghadames and Sirte.

A number of specialists from the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO), Sirte Oil Company, Waha Oil Company and Zuetina Oil Company also attended.

During the meeting a visual presentation on the Project of Oil and Gas Produced Water Treatment was given. The meeting discussed the environmental effect of such water on the areas adjacent to the oil fields and suggested solutions that contribute to mitigate such effects. The discussion also focused on getting to know the international experience in this field in order to benefit from such water in irrigation operations and other uses.

Mr. Chairman of the Board stressed the necessity of intensifying researches and studies in this field, the significance of knowing the methods and technologies available locally and globally and the extent to which such water can be exploited after treatment.

(Source: NOC)

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