National Oil Corporation Condemns Hydrocarbon Smuggling

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has issued the following statement regarding the smuggling of hydrocarbons:

Everyone knows that NOC provides the local market needs of hydrocarbons from domestic and external sources in subsidized prices that cost the State Treasury billions of dollars.

Throughout the consistent following up of the domestic market needs and the rising of the demand that has given an obvious indication for a long time of an existence of smuggling operations involving subsidized hydrocarbons that go outside the country.

NOC has repeatedly declared so and demanded the competent authority to take deterrent actions to protect the Libyan People’s wealth from smuggling, but all its efforts were in vain.

The best example for the smuggling operations of the Libyan people’s capabilities that NOC has been warning of repeatedly is the Coast Guards’ arrest of a hydrocarbons Tanker called (CAPTAIN KHAYYAM) flying Serra Leone flag with huge quantity of hydrocarbons on board that exceeds one million liters.

The smuggling operations targets the stability and economy of the State and the security of the Libyan people. A courageous position has to be taken against them by everybody to stop such operations and penalize by all means of force all those who contribute to such actions.

While NOC condemns these economic crimes it requests the competent authorities again to take the necessary measures to control and protect the Libyan borders and stop the hydrocarbons smuggling operations by land and by sea that have been increasing in the absence of law application and lack of capable tools to enforce the law.

We must remember that NOC and Brega Oil Marketing Company have nothing to do with hydrocarbons distribution operations. The distribution Companies (Rahila, Sharara Dhahbia , Libya Oil, and Toriq Sari’a) are entitled by law to receive the hydrocarbons from Brega Company according to a specified mechanism and distribute them to the network stations affiliated to each of them. These companies are not affiliated to NOC but they are shareholder companies.

God Bless Libya

National Oil Corporation

Tripoli, Libya

(Source: National Oil Corporation)

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