Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects Consultancy 26 January 2016

Positive steps forward have been seen during the reporting week in regards to the formation of the Government of National Accord (GNA). The Presidency council headed by the Prime minister designate announced the names and members of the GNA. This announcement and the formation of the GNA was strongly welcomed by UNSMIL chief Martin kobler. Kobler stated that ‘’this is a sterling opportunity for Libyans to come together to build their country’’.

This focus now moves to the House of Representatives (HoR), which under the Libyan Political Agreement has ten days in which to vote on the new government.

Prime Minister Faiez Serraj said later in the morning in a TV broadcast ‘’he anticipated that his new Government of National Accord will soon be able to start work in Tripoli’’.

Libyans had to work together he warned to overcome the many people who only wanted chaos in the country. The presence of armed Militias made Libya a mess and there are too many weapons.

However on Monday it was reported that the House of representatives had rejected the UN imposed government but had approved the Skhirat agreement as a political deal provided that article (08) relating to sovereign posts in government, including military occupations, is deleted, giving the presidential council 10 days to reshuffle the cabinet or replace the PC with another.

Whilst in Tripoli another Imam has been abducted during the reporting week. Taher Aisia Abu Nawara, the sheikh at the Hadba’s Siraj Munir Mosque was seized by unknown gunmen. At least four Imams have been kidnapped and later released in the capital in the last three years.

Positive moves were made between Zintan and Kikla in the signing of a peace agreement between the two factions. Under the deal that was signed, Zintan forces agreed to withdraw from the town, which will now be occupied by neutral forces from Zawiyah and Mtrad, both sides also agreed to exchange prisoners and avoid any actions that might lead to further conflict.

Tarhouna, some eighty kilometres west of the capital has seen sporadic fighting between the pro Islamist Al Kani brigade and local families opposed to it. Three people were reported to have been killed and the Kani brigade were said to have blown up a number of homes of their opponents.

Libyan border guards in the west closed the Libyan border crossing point at Wazen-Dehiba, amid concerns about the security situation in Tunisia following protests in a number of southern and west central Tunisian towns and cities throughout the reporting week.

Yet again in the west, General Khalifa Haftar made a statement to the fact ‘’ Just a few days left for the liberation of Benghazi which has nearly become a hundred percent secure." He said this in a speech to pro-tribal leaders and eastern mayors in Al Marj.

In Sirte, it has been reported that Daesh have carried out further executions on civilians, one of the victims being an Egyptian national and on the grounds of spying. However reports have been received that a lone sniper is at work in Sirte and has reportedly killed three significant members of Daesh.

The weekend saw reports being published that American, British and Russian troops had been seen arriving in Tobruk, and that they were being stationed in Libyan bases in the east and west of the country in support of the new unity government. However at this time, there is No credible information to confirm the truth of this, the responsibilities of the said troops nor the numbers and nationalities involved.

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