Fire at Ras Lanuf Terminal Extinguished

Firefighters have successfully extinguished the fire that had been raging at Libya's Ras Lanuf oil terminal, which is operated by Harouge Oil Operations.

The Management Board and all the workers of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) have expressed their appreciation and gratitude to all those who contributed to overcoming this disaster.

A statement from the Tripoli-based NOC said that the effects of this disaster could have been minimized and the burning of millions of oil barrels could have been avoided if the Oil Installations Guards (Petroleum Facilities Guard - PFG) had complied with NOC’s request to approve the loading of the crude oil into the Greek vessel ‘Nassau Energy’ which arrived in the Ras Lanouf Terminal, but the Oil Installations Guards refused to let it berth and load the oil.

(Source: NOC)

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