Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects 19 January 2016

This week on the political front has seen the GNC put the political dialogue on hold. Speaking in a press conference, Abdul Sadiq pointed out that the GNC had devoted all possible efforts to the political dialogue and now it is the turn of the UN mission and the Tobruk parliaments to decide.

However reports received from the east that the Tobruk parliament had failed to meet for the third consecutive week. Parliament member Ibrahim Zagaid declared that UN Envoy Martin Kobler had ordered them to meet only in January. Further reports from the UN Support Mission in Libya refuted these claims and a spokesman for UNSMIL stated ‘’the claim that Mr Kobler has instructed the House of Representatives not to convene is absolutely false and baseless’’.

General Khalifa Hafter met with 13 mayors at his Marj headquarters, all of which back up the political accord. Further reports were received that the mayors had insisted that the military has to be kept apart from politics. They also warned that the Government of National Accord had to operate inside Libya and not from the outside.

Whilst the Presidency Council, headed by prime minister-designate Faiez Serraj, reported that he had appointed a temporary team to ensure the planned National Unity Government can go to Tripoli and remain there in safety. Reports received later, had stated that Khalifa Ghwell had ordered the arrest of any members of the new Security Team appointed by prime minister-designate Faiez Serraj, who set foot in Libya Dawn territory.

It became more apparent this week as to the extent to which countries had rallied around to help treat the maimed and injured from the terrorist massacre in Zliten last week. Italy, Malta and Tunisia all had stepped in to care for the wounded, however the greatest assistance had come from Turkey. Turkey had sent four aircraft with specialist medical teams, taking 12 of the gravely wounded to Istanbul for surgery.

The capital has been plagued with power cuts during the reporting week, some lasting up to and over 6 hours, however no explanation has been given as to why.

Sabratah, in the west saw 20 local residents abducted by a local criminal gang in Surman. It is believed that these abductions were carried out in retaliation to the recent arrest of a criminal gang. Sabratah municipality strongly condemned the abductions of the locals and a statement was released by the municipality ‘’we reaffirm our full commitment to our Islamic laws and the Libyan legislation, yet we reassure every Libyan that we will not give in to these culprits’’.

News sources reported that Daish had carried out a further 2 executions in Sirte. The 2 people executed were said to have been accused of being spies.

Benghazi has remained relatively quiet during the reporting week, however it had been reported that Mi35 helicopters had conducted airstrikes on suspected militant positions in port Mreisa south west of Benghazi.

Later reports received from Benghazi that the LNA had shot down a drone in Garyounis. Sources had stated that the drone was being used by Ansar Al Sharia to survey LNA positons in Gwarsha and Mreisa port.

Sporadic fighting continued in Ubari (in the south) between tribal groupings, the Tuareg and the Tebu. This latest violence involved bombardments by medium and heavy weapons, came only days after a few days of uneasy peace.

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