Brega Pre-Qual for New Fuel Tanks

The Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) has announced a pre-qualification tender for two new fuel tanks at Ras Al-Mungar [Ras Elmungar] terminal / Benghazi, according to international standards and the scope of work and requirements which are summarized in the following essential items:

  • Prepare engineering works & design drawings.
  • Supply & install all civil and electrical works.
  • Supply and install the steel plates for the tanks.
  • Supply & install cathodic production.
  • Supply & install all required pipes in various diameters and fittings.
  • Connect the new tanks with the existing piping networks.
  • All the necessary connects are to be connected to the control rooms.
  • Supply & install the earthing system.
  • Supply & install the fire fighting system.
  • Supply & install the cooling system.
  • Cleaning & painting works.
  • Calibration works as needed.
  • Supply & install the required equipments included the accessories.
  • Hydrostatic and NDT tests are essential.

Therefore, companies possessing relevant experience and registered in Libya with technical and financial capabilities are invited to express their interest in participation to execute this project by submitting their file for the pre-qualification according to the following terms and conditions:

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