Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects 12 January 2016

In an open media source reporting on Tuesday the UN Special Envoy Martin Kobler is set to continue the efforts to bring opponents on board in regards to the Skhirat agreement. Kobler says he will continue trying to convince them and others opposed to the deal to change their minds. Tuesday also saw reports that the Libyan - dialogue meeting had rejected the Shikrat agreement and the government emanating therefrom.

Participants in Tripoli meeting called in a statement to the selected committees of GNC and Tobruk Parliament, to meet in 14 days' time to activate and amend the 1963 constitution and form a unity government to put an end to the political conflict in the country.

Throughout the reporting week, Rada SDF (Special Deterrence Force) have carried out numerous raids on suspected Daesh recruitment cells within Tripoli, and have been successful in achieving many arrests.

On Wednesday the Rada SDF (Special Deterrence Force) raided and clashed against Tawheed Militia in the Al Fornaj area of Tripoli. It was reported that Tawheed Militia are allegedly involved with recruiting and radicalizing children for Daesh.

Reports received from Zliten on Thursday morning, that the biggest blast since the revolution rocked the Coast Guard Training camp whilst 400 recruits were doing their morning exercises. It is was reported that the Daesh suicide bomber blew up his truck (SVBEID) at the entrance gate of Coast Guard Training Camp.

The foreign Minister of the National Government said on Sunday, that initial investigations have shown that a Tunisian bomber was behind the suicide bomb attack on the Coast Guard Police station in Zliten on Thursday.

In a press conference in Tripoli on Sunday, Ali Abu Zakouk confirmed that some Daesh-related suspects were arrested in connection with the bombing in Zliten, calling for cooperation between the Libyan and Tunisian authorities to improve security measures and eliminate terrorism.

A VBIED was reported to have exploded at the western gate entrance to the Ras Lanuf oil complex on Thursday evening. 7 personnel were killed including 3 oil complex guards. In the attack, it was reported that the guards had fired upon the bomber causing it to detonate before reaching its planned target.

It was reported on Friday that the Supreme Commander of Libyan Army Nuri Abu Sahmain has called for a general mobilization of the army following Thursday's terrorist attack on the police training camp in Zliten.

In a decree, Abu Sahmain called the citizens to help local authorities by informing about any suspicious movements or criminal acts.

Reports received on Monday, that continued tension between the Tabou and Tuareg tribes in Awbari, south Fezzan, had once again erupted into armed clashed between to the two tribal groups.

Sunday evening saw a fresh attempt by Daesh militants to attack the Zueitina oil port in the northern part of Ajdabiya. The attempted attack was reported to have been carried out by 3 boats, in an attempt to lay their hands on the oil ports in Libya. Ali Hassi later confirmed that the Jodran forces had foiled the Daesh attack by spotting the boats and firing upon them before getting close to their target.

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