Kobler New Year Letter to Libyan People

Open Letter by Martin Kobler to Libyan People on New Year 2016

On this first day of the new year, from Libya's capital Tripoli, I would like to extend my most sincere and heartfelt wishes to the Libyan people on New Year 2016. May it be a year of peace, hope and prosperity for Libya.

Last year may not have been the luckiest one for Libya, but as it ended with the signature of the Libyan Political Agreement, a ray of hope has finally appeared on the horizon. There is no doubt that the year ahead will be one filled with hard work, but it will also be a year of opportunity.

An opportunity for Libya to rediscover peace in unity, with a single unity Government and a single set of legitimate institutions.

Thanks to the sincere and selfless efforts of the brave patriotic sons and daughters of Libya, the country has now got an opportunity to put an end to the crisis. An opportunity to restart Libya’s transition towards a democratic state based on the principles of peace, prosperity, freedom and human rights for all. An opportunity for all to unite in support of the Government of National Accord that will work hard to build a strong, united and prosperous Libya.

I call on all peace-loving Libyans to embrace the Libyan Political Agreement and to support the Government of National Accord. I also repeat that the door remains wide open for all those who may still wish to join the overwhelming majority of those who have already done so.

I remain adamant that this process be exclusively Libyan-led and Libyan-owned. The United Nations, supported by the international community, will continue to facilitate it, offering support to Libya on its quest for peace and national reconciliation.

I wish all Libyans the strength and the courage to seize that unique opportunity and to unite in peace.

A happy New Year 2016 for a peaceful and prosperous Libya!

(Source: UN)

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