Weekly Security Report, 22 December 2015 by SNE Special Projects

Libyans have had a week to let settle the news that at last they have one Government and a chance to get their country back to some sense of normality.

It really is within their grasp now and the news from UNSMIL that 24 Municipal councils arrived in Tunis and all signed to give their backing to the government was met with dismay when it was discovered that Tripoli council representatives had failed to attend, this is especially disconcerting as the new government will be housed and governed from the Capital.

The only other abstainer was from the South, apparently only a Tebu councillor from strife torn Kufra region attended, no-one from the rival Zwai community made the journey, however Mr Kobler spoke for all when he said that he hoped that the political agreement would bring peace in this area soon.

The Tripoli based GNC government led by Khalifa Ghwell may be abstaining from giving public support to the new government and claiming that their power-base will not allow it but very strong reports circulate that almost all Militia Commanders in Tripoli have approached the new Presidency Council and declared their support, which is vital for the government to be able to operate in the Capital.

Certainly the vast majority of citizens in Tripoli are in favour of the new Government and recent demonstrations against it were poorly attended and some observers say appeared “false” and even stage managed.

Meanwhile in the East of Libya General Hefter, himself not a fan of the new Government and looking likely to be a “spoiler” has opened up a new push for control of the remaining streets in Benghazi and in a somewhat bold move is utilising his very limited air assets well and striking Islamist forces under Daesh and Ansar Al Sharia banners in Derna, Benghazi and Ajdabiya concurrently and all attacks are supported with LNA ground troops, this has hit Daesh commanders badly who have seen fit to send heavily armed re-enforcements to Adjdabiya to bolster their positions and the latest reports were that with fighting ongoing Tribal Elders and the town council are attempting to arrange a ceasefire to assist the Libyan Red Crescent to collect the dead and injured at very least, following 5 days of fighting.

Kidnappings remain prevalent in Libya generally and Tripoli has overtaken Benghazi with more than 90 reported cases in a four week period in November/December, with the most notable for the already depleted Tripoli Expatriate community being the well-known Maltese Pathologist Pierre Baldachino who was the General Manager of Tripoli’s Ben Ashour branch of St James Hospital, snatched by what sources have described as a dangerous gang, who are now demanding $5 Million for his release, sadly Mr Baldachino was about to return to his family in Malta in time for Christmas, when he was snatched from his Tripoli residence.

Again, despite the security situation and uncertainty over the acceptance of the new Government and with very limited flights into the Country, lack of acceptable hotels, power-cuts and food shortages International Companies still retain an interest in Libya and SNE continue to support our existing clients and have been very busy this last reporting period assisting several exploratory trips into Tripoli with some returnees and we remain here with our permanent Expat presence from our 24/7 Tripoli Operations Centre.

SNE continues to keep our permanent expat country management team on the ground in Tripoli supporting our clients international and local personnel as well as critical infrastructure. We are also currently involved in working with many of our clients on their re-entry planning, security risk management surveys and political sector analysis. To discuss these services further please contact us on the details below.

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SNE Libya Security Summaries are only supplied to existing Libya clients and those who subscribe to our weekly reporting service. For further information on how to subscribe and our monthly costs, please contact our Dubai management team at [email protected] The attached Libya security update has been produced by our Tripoli based in-country management team and covers the various security risks, recent incidents, political landscape and geography in both the west and east of Libya.

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