Weekly Security Update 15 December 2015 by SNE Special Projects

In an almost last ditch attempt at salvaging the possible damage done by the “break-away” ministers from the GNC and H-o-R, who sought to create a solution to the stalemate in Libyan politics with their proposal for a joint government but who in reality caused a rift in their respective parties, an international conference was held in Rome with all stakeholders present from the UN Security Council, Arab League, EU, UN and 17 Countries including 8 Arab States. A dozen prime movers from the UN brokered Libya Dialogue process including the deputy presidents of the GNC and H-o-R were seated at the head of the board alongside US Secretary of State John Kerry who expressed all parties must support the Government of National Accord (GNA) as it is the “only legitimate body” for moving Libya forward.

On the streets in Tripoli the talk is on whether this time the deal really has been made and whether the new government hold it’s own.  However with some commanders from the many powerful Militias already in support through Ministers with tribal and family ties time will tell. So on Wednesday 16th history will be made when the GNA is signed, by all parties.

Libyan business has been pre-empting a brighter future and with the Telecoms industry being woefully under developed the Libyan Post and Telecommunications IT Company (LPTIC) has held a series of meetings for the Industry giants in Malta with a view to developing a plan of action and timetable for these companies to resign contracts and return to Libya.

Other blue chip International companies from all business sectors have been taking tentative steps back into Tripoli over the last few months and preparing for a return in the not too distant future.

There has been a spike in fighting, not least dealing with Daesh in the East of the Country who seem to be making a tactical push out from their previous stronghold of Sirte and have their eyes set on Adjdabiya, a counter attack by General Hefters LNA has seen surgical airstrikes destroying Daesh vehicles, checkpoints and supplies and this has been re-enforced by additional checkpoints around the beleaguered city.

Inter-Militia fighting in Tripoli’s Tajoura district between the lesser known Bashir Al Falah and Ali Dredah Militias caused at least 12 deaths, several of whom were Libya Dawn commanders and allowed several hundred prisoners to escape from a besieged detention facility during the mayhem.  It was finally contained when the Gnawa militia, who are much superior numerically moved into the area with at least 1 Tank and several armoured vehicles at the request of concerned locals.

A peaceful evening protest in the Dreibi district following the kidnapping of a Tripoli based, well known Human Rights activist turned violent when two protesters were arrested at a checkpoint and called upon colleagues to assist.  Several RPG rounds were fired and sporadic gunfire was heard as locals set barricades up with burning tyres and abandoned vehicles in another show of simmering tension ever prevalent in Libyan society.

Only days after opening again following security issues, the Tunisia-Libya border crossing at Ras Jdir hit the news when Tunisian border guards were forced to fire tear gas to quell disorder when angry Libyans tried to storm the passport control point in protest at Libyan customs charges.

Outside of Libya the news that Hannibal Gaddafi had been kidnapped and beaten up by an armed group in Lebanon then released, was greeted with dismay by Libyans who are sure he used his money to pay off his captors rather than face the law courts in Libya like his brother Saif and several other senior former regime cohorts.

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