Eni Tender for Provision of Customs Clearance

Eni North Africa B.V. Libyan Branch (ENI NA) wishes to verify the availability of reputable, interested and experienced contractors specialized in providing CUSTOM CLEARANCE as better detailed in “Appendix D”.

As a result of ENINA evaluation in respect of above required service, only qualified, specialized and experienced vendors will be registered within ENI NA vendor list and will be invited to tender for the above mentioned activities. In case you are interested in participating in our future tenders in order to be an approved vendor, as a first step, we will need to be provided with the following documentation/info:

1.     Copy of certified statement of registration in Libya – Chamber of commerce (Scan copy of the originals plus English Translation);

2.     Company’s profile/brochure;

3.     References & brief description of Works/Goods/Services provided during the last 3 (three) years with regards of Provision of above listed services;

4.     Copy of Tax Certificate (Scan copy of the originals plus English Translation);

5.     Company Social Insurance Code (Scan copy of the originals plus English Translation);

6.     Receipts of the last 3 months Social Security Contribution Payment (Scan copy of the originals plus English Translation);

7.     Company / Group’s structure chart;

8.     Company’s organization chart;

9.     Name of the shareholders, together with the percentage and the title of share ownership;

10.   Balance sheet of the last three years, with the following information:

Capital Value;
Net Assets / Shareholders funds;
Turnover, latest year available;
Main declared activity of the company;
Number of registered employees;
Holding Company or part of a Group.
Reference is also made to your Shareholding structure for which we kindly ask to provide your most updated information. Specifically we need the disclosure of all “Ultimate Beneficiaries” of your company even when shares are owned by trustees.

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire duly filled in as per format  attached .
ENINA will evaluate the above requested documentation and, if satisfied, as a result of its careful evaluation, will include the applicant in its Vendor List in order to consider your company for future tender processes regarding the subject activities.

Only qualified companies that have proven capability and recent experience of supplying the above required service will be considered for potential tenders for the scope of service described above.

All responses are to be supported by such narrative, organisation charts, resource charts and other information which the company considers necessary to substantiate the individual responses and provide ENI NAwith the required confidence in the company’s capabilities and experiences.

This enquiry shall not be considered an invitation to bid and therefore it does not represent or constitute any promise, obligation or commitment of any kind on the part of ENI NA, to enter into any agreement or arrangement with you or with any company participating in this pre-enquiry.

Consequently, all data and information provided by you shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of ENI NA, to enter into any agreement or arrangement with you, nor shall they entitle your company to claim any indemnity from ENI NA.

All data and information provided pursuant to this enquiry will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or communicated to non-authorized persons or companies except

Documentation shall be saved in Acrobat “.pdf” format and sent via e-mail attachments, at the below email:

e-mail: [email protected]

Important Note:should your Company not providing the above required specific Service, you are kindly requested to not apply for this pre-qualification process.

The closing date for the submission of the above mentioned documentation is fixed to    9/12/2015 at noon (Libyan time).

(Source: NOC)

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