Brega Pre-Qual for Cathodic Protection

The Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) has announced a pre-qualification for supply and installation of cathodic protection system for (6", 8",10",16") pipelines at ( Zawia - Ajelat - Jmail -Wetia -Janzor -Tripoli -Musrata -Benghazi -Tubrok):

  • Supply & install new cathodic protection system including transformers (TR) , anodes , electric cables , junction boxes , spark  gaps , insulation joint and all accessories required for CP system.
  • Drill deep wells ground beds prox.(fr.50 to 150 meter) with suitable insulated casing to put anodes in.
  • Performance all testes, and commission of the system operation.
  • Dismantling of all electric transformers, junction boxes and electric cables and transferred to Brega‘store .

So Companies possessing relevant experience, and has technical and financial capabilities are invited to express their interest in participation to execute this project, to submit their files for Pre-Qualification according to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Fill the PQQ available via  WWW.BREGA.LY/APP_FORM.XLSXand return via email  [email protected] hard copy of PQQ Document to be enclosed with the company’s file.
  2. Provide organisation's articles of incorporationa cover letter expressing of interest to participate in the tender, its chart, official evidence attesting registration at the commerce registration office, valid business license , valid tax clearance certificate.
  3. Provide the financial status for the last) 3(years (20112-013-2014) authenticated by legal auditor.
  4. Provide your previous experience of similar scope of work.
  5. Provide list of technical crew and company’s equipment.
  6. Full address of company headquarter and its branches, telephone, fax numbers, email & website address.

Important Notes:

  • Only officially assigned representative will be dealt with.
  • Documents shall be submitted to the Secretary of the High Tenders Committee in a sealed envelope addressed to Brega Petroleum Marketing Co. High Tenders Committee office, located at Tripoli International Airport Road, Brega’s Finance department building, Tripoli, near Tripoli Oil Terminal.
  • The invitation to tender and handing over specification and general terms & conditions documents only to companies that found qualified by pre-qualification evaluation final result.
  • The closing date for submission of documents is on Monday        14/ 12 / 2015.
  • Any file is not included the required documents will be rejected.

For any quarries please contact High Tenders Committee:

Tel. 021 362 0110       - fax  :021 361 9870      -Email: [email protected]

(Source: NOC)

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