Weekly Security Report 24 November 2015 by SNE Special Projects

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Tuesday evening saw clashes between Misratan and Tripoli Abu Salim militias near the Khada Hospital in Tripoli. Checkpoints and road blocks were set up by local Militias and fifty four Misratan personnel were arrested, based on identity, and were abducted. This caused roads to be closed, congested traffic and tension in and around the city.

Martin Kobler, Wednesday, on his first day as UNSMIL Chief said that ‘’the Libyans cannot afford to waste the hard work already done on the peace accord’’. He went on further to suggest that he was eager to press ahead with resolving ‘’the remaining small number of outstanding issues’’.

On Wednesday masked gunmen stormed the Ministry of Foreign affairs in the eastern government of Al Thanni. Two of the ministry members of staff were taken to hospital suffering from their injuries and the ministry undersecretary ‘’Hassan Al Saghayer’’ was also assaulted in the attack.

During a meeting on Wednesday in the Carinthia Hotel in Tripoli, officials from Tripoli’s Abu Salim Municipality met with their counterparts from Misrata. Both parties condemned acts of identity based abduction and agreed to free hostages that had been taken on Tuesday. Consequently, Thursday saw the release of the fifty four hostages taken by the Tripoli Brigades and five were released from the Misratan Brigades.

Announced on Thursday, a new Libyan airline company based in Al Bayda is expected to be launched next year. Free Falcon Air is headquartered at Labraq airport and is privately owned by the Abu Sittah family in Zintan.

In the east on Thursday and in a bid to cut off Daesh supply routes and foreign fighters between Derna and Tobruk, Libyan National Forces (LNA) blocked roads between the two cities.

Zuwara in the west of the capital on Thursday, saw an explosives smuggling bid foiled. One Sabratahan and five Tunisian were arrested by authorities in Zuwara. It is believed that the smugglers were members of Daesh and from an area eleven kilometres south of Sabratah.

Although a peace deal had been signed on Wednesday between Tripoli militias and Misratan militias, Friday saw further clashes between Tripoli and Misratan forces in the Wadi Rabie area, east of the Tripoli International Airport.

In his first formal meeting in Tobruk, Libya on Saturday, the newly-appointed German diplomat stressed that he represented continuity and that he was following immediately in the footsteps of his predecessor Bernardino Leon.

In a strong appeal to back the Peace Accord that is on the table the new UNSMIL chief Martin Kobler on Saturday, told members of the House of Representatives in Tobruk that the agreement could not be reopened.

Whilst in a meeting with the General National Congress on Sunday, the new UNSMIL Chief Martin Kobler once again repeated his message that he gave to the House of Representatives on Sunday ‘’the current political accord is none negotiable and UNSMIL remains impartial.

Airstrikes on militant targets continued throughout the reporting week within Benghazi, particularly in the Hawary, M’Reisa, Sabri, Sidi Fredj and the Laithi areas.

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