Libya Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects 10 November 2015

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Reports on Tuesday confirmed that tension between the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade led by Hathem Tajouri and Misratas Al Mahjoob Brigade, has been contained, after the brief occupation and attack on the Prime Ministers building in Tripoli on Monday night.

Later on Tuesday, Sheikh Sadik Al Ghariani told strikers at the ministry of finance in Tripoli, to end their action. In an open letter to them published by his Dar Al-Ifta, he warned that ‘’if the house collapsed, no one would survive’’.

Only three days ago, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was insisting that Bernardino Leon must press on with the formation of the new Government of the National Accord. However on Wednesday Ban Ki-moon announced that Bernardino Leon’s designated successor, veteran German Diplomat Martin Kobler would take over in the coming days. On Thursday the outgoing United Nations envoy Bernardino Leon, urged rival factions to halt their attempts to obstruct a power sharing plan, intended to end a long standing political crisis in the conflict of the country.

In the east on Thursday after thirty six hours of clashes between local forces and militia’s from Misrata, it was reported that fighting had ceased and the Khoms coastal road had been reopened.

Also on Thursday, yet another Imam was shot and killed in Adjdabiya, whilst leaving the towns Isra Mosque after Isha prayers.

On Sunday Zueitina, one of Libya’s only three operating oil terminals, was ordered to halt exports until further notice by the security force guarding the facility. It is believed that the move is aimed at supporting the official Libyan government in its efforts to take over the oil business from rival authorities in the capital, Tripoli.

Reports from the west of Tripoli on Monday, reported that Serbian diplomatic sources had confirmed the abduction of two Serbian embassy staff members at 1415hrs, Sunday, in the city of Sabratah. According to the information received, the diplomatic convoy came under fire on route to Tunisia. The Serbian Ambassador, and his family managed to escape the abduction attempt. Further reports received later in the day, said that the Serbian foreign ministry had set up a crisis response team and that the Libyan authorities had located the abductors, who are  believed to be still be in the Sabratah area, and that local security services are doing their best to resolve the situation.

In the South east, good news was reported from Kufra on Thursday. Though final gestures have to be made, including the exchange of prisoners, it seems that mediators have managed to bring an end to two months of bitter fighting in Kufra, which has cost eighty lives, wounded around one hundred and fifty and caused widespread destruction.

Daesh throughout the reporting week released photos, on Tuesday of two men being flogged. On Wednesday it was reported that cigarette, perfume and clothes shop owners had been threatened by Daesh to close their shops or face the consequences. Later on Wednesday, an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded in the seventh district of Sirte shortly after the shopkeepers had been threatened. Saturday photos were reportedly released showing propaganda billboards in Harawah. Finally on Sunday a home owner in west Sirte was abducted and taken to an undisclosed location.


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