Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects 27 October 2015

SNE continues to keep our permanent expat country management team on the ground in Tripoli supporting our clients international and local personnel as well as critical infrastructure. We are also currently involved in working with many of our clients on their re-entry planning, security risk management surveys and political sector analysis. To discuss these services further please contact us on the details below.

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SNE Libya Security Summaries are only supplied to existing Libya clients and those who subscribe to our weekly reporting service. For further information on how to subscribe and our monthly costs, please contact our Dubai management team at [email protected] The attached Libya security update has been produced by our Tripoli based in-country management team and covers the various security risks, recent incidents, political landscape and geography in both the west and east of Libya.

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In the wake of the October 20th deadline, Libya finds itself in a new state of political limbo this week after the two rival governments vying for control in the country failed to agree on a United Nations-brokered power-sharing deal by the deadline, leaving some to question what this means for the international legitimacy of either faction.

More recent reports confirm that Bernardino Leon has flown to Cairo to hold meetings with the Arab League, Nabil El-Araby, and the Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry over the stalled Libya dialogue deal and proposed National Unity Government.

The still recognized Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadik Al – Ghariani, who is recognized within much of western and southern Libya, has expressed his concern in regards to the division of the country. However, he has insisted that it had to be the General National Congress that should take the lead in any comprehensive reconciliation.

Air traffic controllers have threatened to go on indefinite strike throughout Libya in nine days’ time unless their employment contracts are transferred to the Libyan Afriqiyah Aviation Holding Company. The strike is said to start on the morning of the 1st November at 0830hrs, and will not cease until their demands are met.

In Tripoli there was growing tension on Friday evening in the suburb of Abu Sleem, as rumours spread that Misratan fighters were planning military action there, due to the capture of a number of their colleagues. A group were said to have been seized by gunmen loyal to local military commander Abdul Ghani Kikli, more usually known as Ghnaiwa.

Due to numerous road closures on the main coastal highway between Tripoli and the Tunisian border crossing point at Ras Ajdir, the ‘’National Salvation Government’’ in Tripoli has set up a military operations room to secure the highway.

In the west, Sabratah Military Council led forces took control of the Gadhafi loyalist stronghold of Aljmail city, 36 km west of Sabratah on Wednesday, forcing tribal armies to flee to the Al Watiya airbase.

In the east on Thursday evening, Libya Dawn forces detained several Masra Brigade fighters in the Airport Road of Misrata. Sources stated that the Ghnaiwa forces, forced civilians to close shops and stay inside houses in the area when the incident occurred.

The Red Crescent reports that more migrants have drowned in three separate coastline areas off the northern coast of Libya. The number of bodies found Saturday at Zliten, 160 kilometres east of Tripoli, was put at thirty one, however it was reported Sunday that the number has now risen to 45. With winter approaching, the Mediterranean has become much rougher and the crossing is far more dangerous than the summer months.

In the Kish square area of Benghazi twelve people were killed and at least thirty injured in deadly mortar attacks on a peaceful demonstration against the National Unity Government on Friday evening.

Daesh continue to carry out random executions. Reports have been received that Daesh carried out three separate executions in the area of Sirte this reporting week.

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