Brega Seeks Consultants for Sabha Project

The Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) has announced that it intends to acquire consultancy services including the preparation of design, engineering work, drawings and cost estimates for the construction of a gantry for unloading petroleum trucks at Sabha depot.

National and foreign consultancy bureaus specialized in this field are called upon to contact our technical affairs dept Contracts section before Sunday 08/11/2015 to draw related tender documents in accordance to following conditions:

  1. T.D, to be drawn against in sum of non- refundable L.d 100 to be paid at company cashier .
  2. Two separate bids financial and technical including a bar chart shall be submitted .
  3. All documents shall be stamped and returned along with the offer.
  4. Bid bond of 0.5% of total offer value in the form of a certified cheque shall be attached with the offer.
  5. Statement covering bidder main and branch offices addresses including tele. Fax, E-mail plus exact location on Google earth shall be submitted .
  6. Brega reserve the right to accept or reject any offer without giving any reasons thereof .
  7. Incomplete offers shall be ruled out .
  1. Valid licenses as stipulated by Libyan laws and regulations shall be submitted including previous experiences .
  2. Statement showing technical man power and equipment shall be attached.
  3. Offer shall be submitted in two wax sealed envelopes outer one is to be marked with project name only while the inner one shall carry tender's name .
  4. Offer to be handed to brega technical affair contract and documentation section by 12 o'clock Thundery19.11.2015.
  5. No offer may be accepted beyond above date.

For any query please contact m/s brega co.

Technical affairs dep. Tripoli airport road

Tel tele fax 0213619872 or 021220301-5

Extension 14497 -14496 - 14495

(Source: NOC)

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