Mellitah Tender for Industrial and Medical Gas

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company (Oil Division) intends to issue the tender below and wishes to invite for pre-qualification interested, experienced and reputable companies specialized in providing similar services for inclusion in the bidders list:

TENDER NO. (801)

Supply, Refill, Maintenance and Certify Various Industrial and Medical Gas Cylinders for Onshore & Offshore Oil Fields.

Scope of Work Includes but not limited to :

  1. Supplying industrial and medical gas cylinders when required, the contractor will purchase on behalf of the company in accordance with the technical specifications provided as well as the quantities required.
  2. Refilling Industrial & Medical gas Cylinders.
  3. Provide maintenance services at facilities and locations of the Company, on the basis of regular periodic maintenance as described in the scope of work.
  4. Supply of Spare parts.
  5. Provide the required documents and reports.


Interested companies for the above tender must satisfy the stipulated requirements and submit the required information below. Failure to submit any of the under listed documents will render automatic disqualification

  1. Letter on Company's letterhead Addressed to the "Contracts Dept.Manager - Oil Division" stating expression of interest on the respective tender.
  2. Copy of Company Registration in Libya, if already registered, or details of Branch Office, Representative or Agent in Libya.
  3. Company profile with full details of similar contracts performed with relevant verifiable refernce list of clients where the works had been undertaken Literature/Catalogue of the entire rang of work service/equipment and any additional information that will enhance the potential consotium.
  4. Submission of financial Status documents of the Company’s turnover for the last 3 years attested by the Audit Bureau or Chartered certified Accountants, and the Organization Structure of applying organization.
  5. ISO 9001 Certificate .
  6. Only successful bidders will be notified on the prequalification and Company has no responsibility to inform the unsuccessful bidder(s) or give its reason(s) for being unsuccessful.
  7. Two copies of the prequalification Documents containing the above stated requirements shall be submitted in sealed envelopes and marked:
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