Audit Bureau Freezes Bank Accounts

The Tripoli-based Libyan Audit Bureau has frozen the bank accounts of 160 companies and individuals.

According to a report from Libya Herald, they are accused of smuggling foreign currency, falsifying official documents and evading customs duties, and in addition to having their existing accounts frozen, they are prohibited from opening new bank accounts without the prior approval of the Audit Bureau.

Amongst the individuals listed were 5 members of the Husni Bey family; Husni Bey told Libya Herald:

"[I am] surprised that companies with 2,500 employees have their work and assets frozen without an investigation by the Audit Bureau. We assure that neither the company nor its management have ever been charged or investigated.

"The allegations are absolutely unfounded and neither management nor companies have ever breached any laws. This is not the way to build private enterprise and confidence. Unfortunately by next month we will have 2,500 more jobless Libyans."

Eight customs clearance offices were also banned from operating.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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