Tripoli to Tighten Rules on Marrying Foreigners

Libya's Tripoli-based government plans to tighten rules permitting Libyan citizens marrying foreigners, according to a report from Libya Herald.

Social Affairs Minister Samira Al-Ferjani announced that plans are in hand to set a committee in each municipal area to which Libyans hoping to marry foreigners must apply for permission.

If granted, it would then issue a marriage certificate, recognised by the Libyan authorities and ensuring the spouse and children had the same rights as ordinary Libyans.

She said that there were concerns relating to Libyans marrying non-Sunni Muslims, specifically “Alawites, Druze and Shiites”, adding that there was a need to “preserve the Libyan and Islamic identity.

(Source: Libya Herald)

(Marriage image via Shutterstock)

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