No Agreement Yet on Leon’s Proposals

A meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) broke up on Monday evening without making a decision on whether to accept the draft peace agreement or the proposed names for the Presidential Council, reports Libya Herald.

The meeting, which started late as there were insufficient members present to make up a quorum, heard criticism from members of both the names presented and the latest draft.

Discussions continue in the HoR on Tuesday. The proposal's timing is complicated by the fact that the parliament's mandate expires on 20th October; the house has voted to extend its own term in office so it can hand over to the next elected body, but its opponents say it has lost legitimacy.

Meanwhile in Tripoli, the General National Congress (GNC) has not yet met to consider the names or the latest Draft, despite reports it has done so and rejected it.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Justice and Construction Party, has said that while it is unhappy with some of the names presented, it accepted the proposals.

The Wattan (Nation) Party of Tripoli power broker Abdulhakim Belhaj, and the National Front of former GNC president Mohamed Magarief, have effectively endorsed the plan, whiel the National Forces alliance of Mahmoud Jibril said it had not been part of the dialogue.

Mattia Toaldo, a fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, is quoted by Reuters as saying that U.N. envoy Bernardino Leon may have taken a calculated gamble, putting forward names as a way to pressure the two sides into a pact.

(Sources: Libya Herald, AFP, Reuters)

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