Forum on Libya's Post-Conflict Recovery

Libyan Experts Forum Devises Ways to Contribute to Country’s Post-conflict Recovery

A meeting of Libyan academics, prominent experts and business leaders convened in Tunis 11-12 October 2015 with a view to addressing the country’s socio-economic problems and exploring ways to contribute to post-conflict recovery under a future unity government.

The Libya Experts Development Cooperation Forum provided a platform for the group of Libyan participants to engage in insightful discussions on the current humanitarian situation in their country as well as development issues.

Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, Ali Al-Za’tari, emphasized the crucial advice emanating from this forum to a future Government of National Accord whose prime task is to restore stability to the country and put it on the road to economic recovery.

“We have high hopes in you. It is a heavy burden to carry, but we count on you,” he said in opening remarks. “Moving from peace-making to state-building is a joint responsibility.’’

Participants reviewed and recommended priorities and modalities to approach economic recovery and socio-economic development in Libya for short and medium term as well as for a longer term National Development Agenda, and agreed to further work together, in partnership with the international community, to define needs and identify policy options.

Participants welcomed the debate during the past two days, and they hoped it will help the new government in drawing policies and setting priorities on various pressing issues as well as looking into long-term development.

"The discussions at this timely Forum provided a comprehensive assessment of the economic and social challenges facing Libya and outlined the pressing policy priorities for the Government of National Accord," said Tarik M. Yousef, one of the Libyan experts.

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