EU Offers Support to Govt of National Accord

The Council of the European Union has issued a statement on Monday on the proposed Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA):

"The EU welcomes and fully supports the Libyan Political Agreement that the UN SRSG Bernardino Leon presented to Libyan delegates in Skhirat on 8 October. It expresses appreciation to all those who have constructively participated in the negotiations over many months, demonstrating a sense of responsibility and leadership.

"It equally welcomes the nomination of senior figures for the new Government of National Accord who will now have the responsibility to form a cabinet and oversee the swift implementation of the agreement.

"The EU calls on all Libyan parties to quickly approve and support this deal so that Libya can take the path of peace and prosperity. This is the only way to meet the aspirations of the Libyan people. The EU recognises that this will be an important first step in returning Libya on the path towards peaceful transition, but it is a step that is essential to take now. Those tempted to obstruct this agreement will be held responsible.

"The EU is ready to work in close partnership with the new Government of National Accord, once it is formed, to offer immediate and substantial  support in a number of different areas defined together with the Libyan authorities."

(Source: EU)

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