Weekly Security Update by SNE Special Projects 06 October 2015

SNE continues to keep our permanent expat country management team on the ground in Tripoli supporting our clients international and local personnel as well as critical infrastructure. We are also currently involved in working with many of our clients on their re-entry planning, security risk management surveys and political sector analysis. To discuss these services further please contact us on the details below.

Libya Security Report Subscription Service

SNE Libya Security Summaries are only supplied to existing Libya clients and those who subscribe to our weekly reporting service. For further information on how to subscribe and our monthly costs, please contact our Dubai management team at [email protected] The attached Libya security update has been produced by our Tripoli based in-country management team and covers the various security risks, recent incidents, political landscape and geography in both the west and east of Libya.

HEAT & Basic Life Support Two Day Training Courses      

SNE are now offering bespoke Libya oriented or generic MENA Hostile Environment Awareness & Basic Life Support Medical Training Courses in Dubai or your home country prior to deploying back into Libya, or in country training for those who require this service in Tripoli. Please contact our Dubai Head Office for more information on these courses at [email protected]

Libya is now very close to agreeing a new Government and fresh start on the world stage since the last 18 months of political negotiations and UN brokered talks and now as the October 20 deadline looms, the HoR have declared they have voted to extend their term in office for at least six further months.In a further development a spokesman for HoR’s Operation Dignity, Mohamed Al-Hijazi has released a statement in London to Al Arab newspaper saying that preparations to target Daesh and other terrorist organisations have been completed and “Zero-Hour” is now imminent to launch a major Military operation to shift the balance of power in Libya. Dignity Operation claims to be the legitimate Libyan forces and regards all Militias as “terrorists”. There has been no confirmation of this statement from HoR in Libya.

UNSMIL have announced that Bernardino Leon, the special envoy for Libya is to be replaced this month and this news has been met with mixed views, many Libyans and international observers believe he has done a great job to get the warring parties to the negotiating table and reach an agreement which now just requires action for a new unity government to be in power this month.

The Tripoli to Ras Jdir coastal road has been opened and closed by worried locals and Libya Dawn Militias several times this week.  Currently it is closed with large holes dug as obstacles and sand berms in place, this is following more than 30 persons being kidnapped recently by fake checkpoints set up by Tribes Army units, mostly from Warsafana. A boat service from Tripoli port to Zawia is being offered. The Tribes Army are responsible for the stretch of highway from Janzour to Zawia under an agreement reached with Misratan brigades however it has led to rogue checkpoints openly stealing high value cars and killing and kidnapping anyone worthy of ransom.

“Panic-buying” of fuel occurred in Tripoli on 05 October as people realised the fuel from Zawia refinery could not reach Tripoli pumps with the road closure. Libyan TV tried to allay local’s fears but this created further panic and shops were reportedly very busy as concerned resident’s stock-piled food supplies.

General Hefter has continued his Operation Doom in Benghazi and in many areas citizens are able to go about their daily business, albeit with a night-time curfew in place.

There are still daily sniper attacks and LNA soldiers killed by IED`s as they attempt to move into the formally besieged areas of Laithi and Sabri searching for remaining AAS/Daesh to kill or capture.

An LNA Helicopter attacked a vessel sailing South of Benghazi and a statement released later said the ship was known to be carrying arms and equipment, no details of casualties were announced.

In a further blow to the already weakened Daesh / IS forces in the East a surprise attack by Derna Shura Council fighters led to the terror group’s expulsion from the Al Salat area following very heavy fighting and the council publicly declared Derna to be free of Daesh again.

Members of the Red Crescent have spent much of the last five days picking up the drowned corpses of migrants washed to the Libyan coast that they had left with such great hopes. The organisation said today that so far its members, many of them volunteers had collected some 95 bodies in various stages of decomposition.  Around 85 of the bodies had been along the coast near Tripoli while ten had been found near Sabratha. These latest discoveries edge the known total of dead migrants from Libya this year toward 3,000.


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