Shipping at Risk of ‘Collateral Damage’

IHS Country Risk has reported an elevated risk of collateral damage to shipping using the Libyan ports of Es Sider (As Sidra) and Ras Lanuf.

Following the attack by the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL) on the oil port of Es Sider, senior IHS Middle East North Africa analyst Richard Cochrane said that while shipping is unlikely to be specifically targeted, ships are vulnerable to fighting between rival militias using "inaccurate Grad-type rockets and mortar fire".

He added that the oil terminals at Es Sider and Ras Lanuf are likely to be a "key long-term prize" in the IS strategy, and said that while the port is currently under the control of forces allied with the internationally recognised government based in Tobruk, this could change.

Maritime risk analysis firm Dryad Maritime advised vessels approaching Libya to "proceed with extreme caution and be prepared to respond to any VHF calls or warnings from military forces."

(Source: IHS Maritime 360)

(Shipping image via Shutterstock)

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