Weekly Security Update by SNE Special Projects 29 September 2015

SNE continues to keep our permanent expat country management team on the ground in Tripoli supporting our clients international and local personnel as well as critical infrastructure. We are also currently involved in working with many of our clients on their re-entry planning, security risk management surveys and political sector analysis. To discuss these services further please contact us on the details below.

Libya Security Report Subscription Service

SNE Libya Security Summaries are only supplied to existing Libya clients and those who subscribe to our weekly reporting service. For further information on how to subscribe and our monthly costs, please contact our Dubai management team at [email protected] The attached Libya security update has been produced by our Tripoli based in-country management team and covers the various security risks, recent incidents, political landscape and geography in both the west and east of Libya.

HEAT & Basic Life Support Two Day Training Courses      

SNE are now offering bespoke Libya oriented or generic MENA Hostile Environment Awareness & Basic Life Support Medical Training Courses in Dubai or your home country prior to deploying back into Libya, or in country training for those who require this service in Tripoli. Please contact our Dubai Head Office for more information on these courses at [email protected]

Libyans had been patiently awaiting news from the GNC and HoR of their acceptance of the recently announced UNSMIL assisted proposal for a Unity Government. But with General Hefter launching a new Military Assault on Islamist positions in Benghazi and Derna and the GNC PM Khalifa Al Ghweil calling for a suspension of all further talks until the LNA cease these actions it is looking increasingly likely that the deal could be in jeopardy.

Libya’s Foreign Minister held urgent talks with Turkeys consul in the MOFA building in Misrata over his governments recent requirement for visas for Libyan travellers to Turkey, allegedly hundreds of Libyans were refused entry after Eid as they had no visas despite the rule not being officially in place, previously a grenade was thrown inside the Consulate building in a revenge attack fortunately there were no reports of incidents this time however the building is now closed.

A number of Libyans are reported as missing still following the tragic incident at Mecca in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj festival in which some 750 plus pilgrims were killed following a crowd surge.

There are still conflicting reports regarding the shooting dead of a man believed to be Salah Al Mashkout, a well-known Zuwarra based Militia commander and alleged people smuggler along with seven of his body guards in Tripoli’s Souk Al Jouma district. With initial reports suggesting “foreign forces” such as an American or Italian had killed the men due to the type of weapons reportedly used by the masked men who stopped the convoy of cars and began shooting, however these reports are unconfirmed. A number of shops and businesses were destroyed in Zuwarra by unknown armed men that evening possibly in anger at the loss of their commander.

Tanks and armoured vehicles were seen at checkpoints around the city following this shooting and citizens have endured several days of tension fearing reprisals, simultaneously reports of Zintan Armoured units positioning strategically South and West of Tripoli has led some observers to believe an attack on Tripoli could be planned, Janzour Municipal council has stated that the arrival of Zintan forces poses no threat and they are there to protect not attack the city. Again the lack of governance and no clear news outlet causes these reports to spiral.

Ain Zara prison in Tripoli was attacked by armed men twice in 24 Hours and there are claims that Misrata’s Mahjoub Militia brigade had tried to take over a number of prisons in the capital and were seeking to free some prisoners, two misratans were allegedly captured following the attacks and in a further worrying sign of a lack of control over government facilities by Libya Dawn’s overall Commanders, who said the men were acting without orders and that they should be punished.

Daesh in Libya, possibly still reeling from the loss of eight fighters in the attack on Matiga airports detention facility in the last reporting period appear to be only just holding on to their last strongholds in Benghazi as General Hefters Operation Doom moves into its second week of very intense joint airstrikes and land attacks, international media have now released reports that a number of Libyan based British women Jihadis were seeking to recruit more western Muslims for the organisation using social media, reaching out to their followers to take the journey to Libya in an ongoing recruiting and retention campaign seen globally.

Benghazi has a city-wide curfew imposed currently to allow LNA forces free movement during Operation Doom as fighting for control of Sabri, Hawari, Leithi and Buatni districts intensifies

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