Brega Tender for Diesel Tanks

The Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC) intends to put to tender:

Diesel Tanks The Dimension Of Which Are As Follows:

  • Tank 421 40 m Dia 17.80 H
  • Tank 422 13.300 m Dia 12.192 H

For specialized services in the activity of oil that you want to participate in national and foreign companies to attend the Coordination have initiated contracts and documentation General Directorate for Technical Affairs from Thursday 17/09/2015 m to Thursday 08/10/2015 m, to withdrawal of the tender documents in accordance with the following conditions.

  • A Sum Of Ld 100 Shall Be Paid To Our Finance DEP. Cashier Against T.D. Collection .
  • Two Separate Technical & Financial Offers(By Libyan Dinar) Including a Clear Bar chart Covering All Work Stages Shall Be Submitted .
  • All Documents To Be Stamped Prior To Returning The Same with Offer .
  • A Certified Cheque Of 0.5%Of The Total Value Shall Be Attached With The Offer As a Bid-Bond To Be Refunded In Case Of Rejection / Non Acceptance .
  • Valid Licences, Previous Experience & Technical Manpower Schedule Including Details Such As Tender Main & Branch Offices Address, TEL/FAX NO. & Email ........... Etc Shall Be Attached With The Offer .
  • Brega Reserve The Right To Reject Any Offer With-Out Being Obliged To Give Any Reason Of Its Action .
  • Incompleted Offer/s Shall Be Excluded .
  • Tenderers shall submit official documents confirming ownership of equipment to be used for the execution of the project or a leasing contract there-of once notified of his tender acceptance .
  • Offer To Be Submitted Within Two Wax Sealed Envelopes The Outer One To Be Marked With The Project Title While The Inner Envelope To Carry Tenderer Name .
  • Offer Shall Be Handed Over To Documentations Contract Coordinate/Engineering DEP. At Or Before 12.00 Clock Noon On Thursday 22/10/2015m Beyond Which No Offer May Be Accepted .

Technical Affairs General Dep .
Airport Road Tripoli
TEL/FAX 0213619872
Or Through Operator 0212203501-5
Ext : 14495-14496-14497

(Source: NOC)

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