Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects 15 September 2015

Libya awaits the next UNSMIL announcement with baited breath, all parties were in agreement following talks in Morocco and Bernardino Leon has praised the delegates for the compromises both sides have made to reach this far. Libya, he said has a real chance this time to form a unity government and put an end to the turmoil gripping the country.

Libya Dawn forces acting with concerned local citizens have sealed the road from Tripoli’s Janzour district to Zawia to finally address the lawlessness around Camp 27 and the Warsafana area. Zawia pilgrims on route to attend the Haj in Mecca had to charter aircraft from Zuwarra as the road was deemed too dangerous to drive down and this forced long overdue action. A series of Libya Dawn raids to break up and arrest criminal gangs is ongoing and a taxi-boat service from Tripoli to Zawia has been arranged. Ammunition re-supply for Zawia militia assisting in the raids was also reportedly sent by boat whilst the roads are unpassable.

Tripoli has been rocked by at least two car bombs this week one exploded outside Al Hadba Prison, home to members of the former Gaddafi regime, a woman was seen to park the vehicle close to the prison wall and walk away minutes before it exploded, it is widely thought that groups such as Daesh / IS are behind these bombing in a last ditch attempt to derail the peace talks currently being held.

On 14 September two men were arrested running from the scene when a car exploded in Bab Tajoura, Tripoli outside the base of Salem Al Wared Brigade Militia in what was reported a revenge attack against the militia.

In Western Tripoli a drug raid by Libya Dawns deterrence force escalated when local residents and presumably the drug dealers fought back and heavy weapons fire could be heard for several hours on the evening of 14 September

The Tribes Army have continued their sporadic attacks on Libya Dawn forces based at Mellitah and in Sabrata town further making the road to Ras Jdir from Tripoli very dangerous to pass.

Daesh in Sirte forced migrant Egyptian labourers under threat of death to build them a prison and local sources say on completion of the task the Muslim Egyptians were allowed to leave, it is unclear of the fate of the few Coptic Christians amongst them but they may have been murdered.

Libya’s Eastern region has been quiet this reporting period with peaceful protests held in Beyda and Tobruk although the find of a dead body with gunshot wounds East of La Braq did lead to an investigation.

Benghazi although still a very dangerous city has enjoyed relative calm and its police force even returned to normal policing duties carrying out operations city wide to target car thieves, leading to several arrests and vehicles confiscated.

The Migrant crisis still holds International news and Libyan Border Police caught over one hundred Illegal Migrants attempting to cross the porous border south of Salloum Crossing which leads from Egypt.

The tragic crane collapse at the annual Haj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia claimed the life of a Libyan National and injured some other Libyan pilgrims with him.

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