Mellitah Invitation to Update Vendor List

Mellitah Oil & Gas Company (GAS & OIL Divisions), intend to issue this announcement to start a “pre-qualification assessment for vendors list” and to give an opportunity to the selected National and foreign companies to provide details of its legal structure, its management, its experience, its resources and overall capability to perform services in support of Mellitah Oil & Gas projects.

All responses are to be supported by such narrative, organization charts, resource charts and other information which the company considers necessary to substantiate the individual responses and provide Mellitah Oil & Gas with the required confidence in the company's capabilities and experiences.

This enquiry shall not be considered an invitation to bid and therefore it does not represent or constitute any promise, obligation or commitment of any kind on the part of Mellitah Oil & Gas. All data and information provided pursuant to this enquiry will be treated as strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or communicated to non-authorized persons or companies except Mellitah Oil & Gas.

As a result of Mellitah Oil & Gas evaluation in respect of all requirements in the attached questionnaire, only qualified, specialized and experienced vendors will be registered within Mellitah Oil & Gas vendor’s list and will be invited to participate in our future tenders in order to be an approved vendors.

Documentation shall be submitted in (2) two separate hard copies (paper format) for Mellitah (Gas Division) each, and saved in Acrobat “PDF” format to be sent via e-mail / or hand delivered, with the inclusion of a CD ROM, at the below addresses and emails:

Mellitah Oil & Gas Company (GAS Division)

Dat El-Imad Complex, Tower 5- Floor 1,

P.O. Box91651,


OR the following email address:

[email protected]

For all the interested companies fill in the application & support their answers with required documents if any.

(Source: NOC)

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