Weekly Security Report by SNE Special Projects 8 September 2015

SNE continues to keep our permanent expat country management team on the ground in Tripoli supporting our clients international and local personnel as well as critical infrastructure. We are also currently involved in working with many of our clients on their re-entry planning, security risk management surveys and political sector analysis. To discuss these services further please contact us on the details below.

Libya Security Report Subscription Service

SNE Libya Security Summaries are only supplied to existing Libya clients and those who subscribe to our weekly reporting service. For further information on how to subscribe and our monthly costs, please contact our Dubai management team at [email protected] The attached Libya security update has been produced by our Tripoli based in-country management team and covers the various security risks, recent incidents, political landscape and geography in both the west and east of Libya.

HEAT & Basic Life Support Two Day Training Courses      

SNE are now offering bespoke Libya oriented or generic MENA Hostile Environment Awareness & Basic Life Support Medical Training Courses in Dubai or your home country prior to deploying back into Libya, or in country training for those who require this service in Tripoli. Please contact our Dubai Head Office for more information on these courses at [email protected]

Libyans remain optimistic that the long awaited peace deal is just a few weeks away from fruition now, UNSMIL Chief Bernardino Leon has stated that he believes this time early indications show that the deal is very real and achievable with all sides actively working towards the formation of a new Government.

The only downside being that Leon held meetings with individual senior figures on his whistle-stop visit to Libya this week and has upset the President of the GNC in doing so without their permission, it remains to be seen how far the GNC will push this latest event, but the Tripoli government are collecting names of all persons who held meetings with UNSMIL and ordered foreigners to be questioned in Libya about their business here as they believe “foreign agents” are pretending to be journalists. Additional staff are due to man gates and borders and all foreigners in Western Libya are to have enhanced monitoring the GNC President stated.

Libya Dawn forces have tightened control of the Coastal road to Ras Jdir after at least two attempts by armed groups reported as Tribes Army set up checkpoints between Zuwarra and the Tunisian border which led to sporadic night-time gun battles in the border towns.

An attempted car-jacking by Criminals from Warsafana turned into a full blown gun-battle on the road just West of Zawia when Militia units from both opposing sides arrived and each attempted to take control, several cars were destroyed before order was restored by a large force from Zawia.

The Tortured and shot to death body of a Libyan Army officer, Colonel Al Warshefani was found on the Western Edge of Tripoli having been kidnapped three days previous, local sources say it was a ransom attempt not related to his military service.

Matiga Airport officials announced they had stopped an African Traveller and found 16kg of Hashish concealed in his possessions and that he had now been jailed.

Tripoli’s power has slipped again and daily power cuts have begun, generally for 5 hours city wide which has caused internet and mobile phone problems with lack of power to the antennas sited across the capital.

The Daesh containment strategy in Derna and Sirte has largely worked with no external reports of terror attacks by the group lately. It has allowed the Misratan Militias in Sirte and the LNA around Derna to carry out surgical strikes on their terms, not just being reactionary to Daesh attacks. It is a war of attrition now until such time as Libya has a single government with security forces capable to tackle it full on.

In Benghazi small gains were made by LNA forces as they pushed into Laithi Street and set up a new base, pushing AAS and Daesh out with street by street fighting. Smaller battles continue as Hefter announced a new “Strike Force” was being created with 100 men from several units who would clear the “remaining terrorists and free Benghazi”.

LNA officers and Senior Police continue to be targeted with IEDs and a LNA Army officer had a lucky escape when one exploded outside his house in Al Quba, East of Benghazi, destroying his car but no casualties were reported.

A Maltese Fisherman arrested last month at La Braq with 300k Pounds cash on him has been freed, he claimed to have ferried medical supplies during the revolution and still had business connections in the city. It is not reported whether he received the cash back.

A rise in deaths from scorpion stings is reported in the south with at least 7 children killed in the last few weeks with a lack of antidotes available being blamed. One such hospital in the border town of Ghat is reported to be chaotic and on the verge of total collapse.

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