UNHCR Delivers Aid in Southern Libya

"We had hoped to reach more than 15,000 people, but this was impossible due to the insecurity," Fleming said.

She detailed that UNHCR had delivered assistance to almost 25,000 people in Tripoli and other coastal areas in the west as well as the inland towns of Wadi Shata and Jufra.

The fighting in the Kufra area has also displaced people and the needs there are great in a region with limited basic services and battered infrastructure. UNHCR has been unable to reach Kufra due to security concerns.

More than 700 families are believed to have fled their homes since July 25 to escape renewed clashes in Kufra that have reportedly killed more than 50 people and injured scores of others.

About half of these people, who sought refuge in neighbouring areas, are living in makeshift accommodation and the rest in an abandoned housing project. There is an urgent need for food and non-food items while water supplies are inadequate.

"In total this year, we have delivered aid to about 60,000 displaced people. Across Libya there are more than 400,000 internally displaced people. We are currently looking at ways to help hundreds displaced by fighting in the coastal town of Sirte, the home town of the late Muammar Gaddafi," Fleming concluded.

(Source: UNHCR)

(Picture: Women and a child from Misrata walk through a bombed out street. Thousands of families remain displaced in the city and elsewhere in Libya. © UNHCR/H.Caux)

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