Tripoli Courts Oil Majors

The Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation (NOC) held a series of meetings with a group of global refineries in the Mediterranean area and with a major oil companies last week in London.

The first meeting was with BP, followed by meetings with more than 20 partners, customers, Libyan crude refiners and fuel suppliers.

According to a statement from the NOC, the meetings concentrated on strengthening cooperation and the emphasising NOC's commitment to execute its contractual obligations.

Mustafa Abdullah Sanallah, NOC chairman, stressed the independence and neutrality of his organisation.

He was joined in the meetings by the Governor of the Tripoli-based Central Bank, Saddek Omar Elkaber [al-Sadiq al-Kabir, El-Kaber].

(Source: NOC)

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  1. Dr Satya P.Bindra 1st September 2015 at 2:43 pm #

    UNCSD Rio+20 Focal Point hails the meeting & hopes it would help Government of National Accord to enhance oil production & export using problem free & prevention oriented administration approach.

  2. Dr Satya P.Bindra 1st September 2015 at 3:00 pm #

    UNCSD Rio+20 Focal Point would like forthcoming Oil & Gas forum during October at London UK to focus on produced water management in Libya. See Press Release.
    UNCSD Rio+20 Focal Point Libya commemorated World Water Week on Water for Development during August 23-28, 2015. The objective of this annual event was to draw attention of all stakeholders and discuss impact of local, national, regional & global water issues. Week long activities included meetings, discussions & seminars by a team of national program committee members headed by Prof Dr Satya P.Bindra to highlight the need for constantly striving towards making crisis driven Libya more environmentally sustainable. UNCSD Rio+20 Focal Point Libya reflected upon the importance of water for sustainable development including the produced water from oil & gas industry, what it implies, and demands, from the national, regional & global community. It considered the way in which water is the thread linking the UN processes and explained the role sustainable water resources management can and will play in the achievement of coherent, efficient implementation of agreed solutions. Vision for Libya which is one of 33 countries that face extremely high water stress in 2040 shows that country will be more vulnerable to scarcity in its businesses, farms, and communities. Strategies & plan of actions included steps towards a reduced environmental impact by encouraging increased use of material that are produced in the most sustainable way possible, using biodegradable materials and an environmentally friendly production processes. Prevention oriented approach for aircraft maintenance management by minimizing the corrosion of aviation from salt water attack was the main highlight of discussion at Civil Aviation & Meteorology College of Libya.

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