NOC Chairman meets with KBC

A meeting was held at the headquarters of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) in Tripoli last week, between the Board Chairman of NOC, Mr. Mustafa Abdallah Sanalla, and representatives of the company KBC, with the presence of Dr. Adel Ahmed Tawil, Industrial Department Manager and Dr. Mohammed Suleiman Ellob, the Technical Adviser to NOC Board Chairman.

The meeting started with a brief overview regarding the activities and experience of KBC, described in an NOC statement as "the global leader in the field of advanced technologies and technical advice", to find solutions to the problems and challenges encountered in the oil and gas industry as well as the implementation of specialized programs developed for human resources.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Sanalla emphasized that Libya is a promising country and has several major development projects of refineries, gas and petrochemical, in addition to exploration, drilling and other opportunities that exist for a joint cooperation with KBC Company and other international companies to compete without the preference of a company on the other.

(Source: NOC-Tripoli)

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